Are you looking to start or grow your business? Turn your side hustle into your main gig? Or meet other strong, inspirational and like-minded women in the Denver community? Then, Found(h)er is for you.

Found(h)er is all about inspiration, education and connection- connecting artists to tech gurus, makers to business aficionados, aspiring entrepreneurs to established ones and connecting women to our thriving Denver community.  


Join us now and take one step closer to fulfilling your purpose, growing your business, learning new skills and developing meaningful relationships. Join our community today!

$29.99/ mo |  $299/ year

Curated Events & Workshops

Found(h)er will hold monthly events that are part of your membership fee.  The events will be geared towards educating, inspiring and connecting. Our events will be organized around an artists series, makers series or tech/ business series.  Come be inspired by artists, push yourself to try something new with our Makers series and learn tangible skills necessary to start and grow a thriving business.


In addition to monthly events, Found(h)er will host 4 workshops annually.  Our workshops will be in-depth half day to full day dynamic and interactive sessions geared to teach our members the skills they need to navigate their businesses and achieve their personal and business goals. 


Connect with like-minded women in Denver who have a fire in their belly and are ready to do something about it.


Expose your brand to influencers who can be ambassadors and help get your name out there.


Welcome gift baskets, event goodies and discounts on your favorite brands.


Local events, focused on education and inspiration.  Obtain the skills you need to conquer the world and fill you with liquid courage.


Connect with women who can help augment and complement with products &  services you need to run a kickass business.


Attend exclusive interactive workshops that give you the hands-on skills you need to market, grow and maintain a successful business.


Denver is a thriving and flourishing city with so many amazing women moving here.  Found(h)er strives to create a forum for women to meet, connect and share their passions and talents with one another.  With the private Found(h)er community you will gain access to these amazing women and can leverage them to collaborate on new endeavors, leverage them to grow your business and share your experiences so we can bring one another up, together. 

Perks & Resources

With the Found(h)er membership, you will receive exclusive gifts at all the events you attend.

In addition, you obtain access to a roster of amazing, accomplished and influential women.  Because we are in this together, these women are here to help and bolster you.  Gain access to photographers, digital marketing experts, social media influencers, artists, makers, technology professionals and the list is endless.

Brand Exposure

With access to an active community of influencers, elevate your personal and business brand through Found(h)er highlight series, event sponsorships and social media mentions and boosts. 


to join?

$29.99/ mo |  $299/ year

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