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Our Story

Found(h)er is a Denver-based members-only network for aspiring and established female artists, makers and entrepreneurs.  Founded by Keren Nimmo and Aisha Alkayali, this dynamic and diverse community offers monthly member-only events where local Denver women can connect, build and grow their businesses.  We strive to connect women across industries and verticals to help inspire them, encourage them to think bigger and build their tribe in support of their business and brand goals.


Do you seek to be your own boss but don't know where to start?  This community is also for you.  Found(h)er not only connects women across industry, but women who are aspiring to start to those women who are established entrepreneurs in the hopes that we can bring more women up and empower them to do their own thing.


Lastly, we want to connect women to our thriving community in an effort to support local businesses, be inspired by space, food, art and technology, and help women continue to learn, grow and thrive.  We hope to be the birthplace of new businesses, unique collaborations and real change in our community.

Meet theTeam

Keren Nimmo

Keren has worked within the tech industry for the last 20 years as a product leader helping organizations build digital products and curate unparalleled customer experiences. Most recently she headed up product design and development for a local IOT company here in Denver.


Keren has always been a creative soul amongst a world of left brainers in tech, pushing them to think differently and challenge the status quo.  She is passionate about the experiences that can be surfaced at the intersection of tech, art and design. Keren’s motto has always been “follow your bliss”.  She is excited to create Found(h)er to help women go out, follow their dreams, and put their talents into the world on their own terms, owning their own stories. 


Keren currently lives in Denver with her husband and three daughters, all under the age of 7.

Aisha Alkayali

Aisha has over 15 years experience working in retail and merchandising for companies as Saks Fifth Avenue, Levis, VINCE and Macy’s.  She launched her own blog, @thegiftpick, to help people find the perfect gift for the occasion.  Two years ago, she left the corporate world to focus on growing her blog and learning more about the digital space.


Aisha started a thriving community in LA helping women become more digitally savvy through hosting digital panels where established female entrepreneurs can share their successes with aspiring entrepreneurs. 


Aisha, a Denver native, lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 2 kids. 

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